Gaza Appeal

Amid new hardships faced by Palestinian families in Gaza, PayHalal Sadaqah urges its backers to step forward and assist in delivering essential humanitarian support.

Recent developments in the Middle East have led to a heightened level of conflict, raising concerns about potential further escalations in the immediate future.

PayHalal Sadaqah denounces all forms of violence and implores every involved party to act with caution, prioritizing the safety of innocent civilians.

Our team is vigilantly observing the evolving scenario and is geared up to extend necessary humanitarian assistance.

In collaboration with our allies, PayHalal Sadaqah is committed to partnering with the local populace to ensure the timely provision of crucial aid.

Your backing is vital for PayHalal Sadaqah to continue being a beacon of hope for Palestinian households. We sincerely ask for your generous contribution to our Palestine Crisis Fund today.

  • Raised

    MYR 50.00

  • Goal

    RM 200,000.00

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Created on: 15-10-23


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