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PayHalal is committed to helping those in need through our charity and donor programs. We offer an easy and secure way for corporate donors to participate in charitable activities worldwide from the comfort of their own homes. Our mission is to connect people with causes they care about, while also providing a safe and reliable platform for donations. With our online donation services, we make it easier than ever before for corporations around the world to give Sadaqah, Zakat, Waqf and more – all without leaving home!

How it works?

Sadaqah is a global crowdfunding digital platform for the Ummah, to revolutionize the way charitable donations can help in making long lasting social impact.
The concept of Sadaqah crowdfunding platform allows contributions to be made, enabling life changing impact to communities most in need, whom are currently out of reach.
Sadaqah aims to empower, enrich and alleviate the concerns of the world's most needy and poorest of people by working together as an Ummah to archieve common good.

Global Coverage

Sadaqah is a Muslim crowdfunding platform with the aim of connecting fundrising campaigns within the international community with the interested donors and contributors across the world.

Sadaqah aims to bring members of our community closer to each other by allowing to fulfil their financial needs, no matter where they live, through a secure and convenient way of raising funds.

Sadaqah is a non-political, non-sectarian organization and has the best interest of the Muslim Ummah or community at heart.

Platform Fees

Sadaqah - Ummah Crowdfunding collects a standard 5% platform fee along with credit card processing fee levied by our payment gateway PayHalal.

We collect a 5% platform fee to keep our platform operational (IT, cloud and software development cost) and to continue developing our platform. With majority of the platform fee collected; going straight into the maintenance of our systems and introducing new features to improve user experience. It also helps us in digital marketing and other supporting activities such as campaign mentoring to fulfil potential of the crowdfunding goals.

The credit card processing fee is set by the payment processor PayHalal and may differ based on the credit card rates. PayHalal is the premier payment processor in the crowdfunding industry. PayHalal allows us to process payments more smoothly and pay campaign creators more quickly.

Payout of the funds to the campaigners are handled directly by PayHalal for all supported countries and may be subject to additional deduction by your bank for currency conversion if your local bank currency is different from our settlement currency (MYR).

Campaigns with bank accounts outside of supported countries may be possible to supported on our platform on a case-by-case basis and have their funds sent using alternative wire transfers. For such campaigns, please see the notes below:

  • There will be a fee for each wire transfer
  • There will be currency conversion fees if applicable. This applies if your local bank currency is different from your settlement currency.
  • These fees are in addition to platform and credit card processing fees.
  • lt can take up to anything between 5-20 business days to receive your funds if there are no holds or KYC and identity verification.
  • If any holds show up for compliance reasons, it can take up to 30 to 60 business days.

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